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The Vintage Holiday Houses
The Vintage Holiday Houses
The Vintage Holiday Houses
The Vintage Holiday Houses

Events & Weddings


The Hunter Valley has become one of the most popular destinations for Weddings and it’s easy to see why – picturesque vineyards, breathtaking views, a clear starry sky, there’s no better place to tie the knot.

So, for your accommodation on that special day, The Vintage is the ideal choice for your bridal party. Relax in a luxurious holiday house at The Vintage with multiple bedroom properties available with more than enough room to celebrate and prepare together! The boys can play a round of golf while the girls can enjoy a massage in the comfort of your holiday house (refer to The Hunter Valley Mobile Massage Co. in Attractions for more information).

You deserve to be in the comfort of a luxurious home on the most important day of your life, make the best choice for your special day by choosing The Vintage for your wedding accommodation.

If your bridal party just that little bit too big for the one house we can accommodate with homes in close proximity; perfect for those larger bridal parties. Located centrally with many transfer options available at your fingertips, The Vintage is the ideal spot to stay only minutes away from popular wedding locations.


Thinking of an escape from the daily office challenges, to motivate and inspire your staff?

Then your vision has just found the perfect venue, to fulfill your agenda! Get your team together, meet in the space of a luxury house, workshop future planning and strategies and also indulge in some spa relaxation or golf team day

Our holiday houses can easily accommodate up to 4 to 5 staff members, giving each their own private rooms but in the luxury of architecturally designed award-winning houses. This combined with the meeting space makes The Vintage a picture-perfect environment where great ideas come to life.

We are here every step of the way to nurture your wellness while supplying a business appropriate space at The Vintage; the only place to escape.