John Wallace Wines

A small family run winery specialising in wines that are both drinkable and interesting.

The name John Wallace may not sound familiar to those in the wine-making industry. However, the man behind the name (Richard) has been helping to produce some of the Hunter Valley’s best wines for the past 15 years; Scarborough Wines, Thomas Wines, Hunter’s Dream Estate, and Bimbadgen Estate, to name a few.

The launch of John Wallace Wines allows Richard the opportunity to make his mark on the world of wines. He hopes to offer wine lovers a renewed romanticism, to make wine relevant and enjoyable again so it may resonate across generations.

Richard knows that the quality of his wines will speak for themselves - what really matters is the people you choose to have a drink with and the memories that will be created.

Open Thursday - Monday, 10am to 5pm

Address: 168 Palmers Ln, Rothbury, NSW, 2320